September 30, 2022
YouMail Robocall Protection Arrives on T-Mobile Partner Cell Phone Service

YouMail Expands its Robocall Protection to This T-Mobile Partner

YouMail is bringing its robocall interception service to a T-Mobile partner in order to protect subscribers from scam and spam calls…

The robocall problem in the United States is a very big one. So much, people even receive robocalls from their own phone numbers. Just last year, American received a whopping 58+ billion robocalls, of which 25.9 billion were outright scams and another 8 billion were telemarketing. (Alerts, reminders, and financial messages accounted for 24.4 billion.) But, much is being done to stop the scourge. YouMail is teaming up wit a T-Mobile partner to offer its customers advanced robocall protection.

YouMail Robocall Protection Arrives on T-Mobile Partner Cell Phone Service

The partner, Republic Wireless, a North Carolina based mobile virtual network operator, is gaining enhanced robocall detection and stoppage. YouMail states that it can accurately identify and label “IRS scams,” “health insurance telemarketing,” and other descriptions. This comes at a time when the Federal Communications Commission has recently mandated that wireless carriers must not only provide customers with robocall protection, but also, can no longer charge subscribers for Caller ID authentication.

Such technology is much needed, given industry experts estimate that robocalls will reach nearly the same level as last year. Or, could even surpass 2019’s figure as robocall operations become more sophisticated. Alex Quilici, CEO of YouMail:

“YouMail’s goal is to help protect everyone in America from unwanted and illegal call traffic, whether it’s through our own apps or through partners using our technology.”

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