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New “Your Time on Facebook” Tool Spotted inside an Unreleased Mobile App

Your Time on Facebook

A new “Your Time on Facebook” option resides hidden neatly away in an unreleased version of the social media native app…

Facebook is apparently tinkering with yet another feature. Among the growing trend to improve users’ digital health, the social network is testing a new tool that catalogues how much time people spend on the site. 

“Your Time on Facebook” Feature Spotted in Unreleased Mobile App

Appropriately titled “Your Time on Facebook,” it’s a relatively simple table of activity. It includes time management tools, setup through reminders. Users can simply set a predetermined time limit and the app will notify them when they reach said limit. Here’s a tweet by Jane Manchun Wong that includes a screenshot of the option:

The tool displays time-on-site for the past seven days, as well as the week’s average. So, it’s definitely intended to inform users just how much time they actually spend on the app.

Facebook confirmed the feature to TechCrunch, stating, “We’re always working on new ways to help make sure people’s time on Facebook is time well spent.”

Although, it’s not just Facebook which is making such options available. Subsidiary Instagram is currently testing a new “You’re all caught up” feature which pops up to prevent thoughtless, continued scrolling.

At this time, it’s unknown if or when the tool will roll out to wide, stable release.

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