September 21, 2021
YouTube ad extensions

YouTube Viewers can Now Buy Movie Tickets or Book a Trip while Watching Ads

New YouTube ad extensions will soon allow businesses and brands to give consumers more ways to buy things and book reservations…

It’s not possible to escape ads on YouTube unless paying for a subscription. Sure, there’s always the “skip ad” option or just muting the volume. But, Google is now in the midst of exploring a way to make ads actually useful. 

YouTube Ad Extensions Test Announced

They’re called YouTube ad extensions. Basically, these are tools businesses and brands can use to make ads people see on the world’s largest video hosting site actionable. Like purchasing movie tickets or even booking a hotel reservation:

“Soon you’ll be able to make your video ads more actionable with a greater variety of ad extensions. Similar to extensions on Search ads, extensions on YouTube enhance your video ad with additional useful information—giving consumers more reasons to take action. You can already add location and form extensions (currently in beta) to your TrueView in-stream ads. Now we’re exploring additional use cases that encourage viewers to complete lower-funnel actions like finding the next movie showtime, downloading an app or booking a trip.”

This means it’s possible for a movie studio to show local showtimes while people watch trailers. Or, people can book a trip while seeing an ad for a popular destination spot. It’s a smart move because it’s very difficult to get people to even pay attention to ads, let along engage them in some measurable sense. So, options to buy movie tickets or book a reservation are definitely ways to know if people are actually watching ads.

Ashley Lipman

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