July 23, 2021
YouTube ad-supported free movies

Psst! Check this Out — YouTube Quietly Added a Bunch of Free Movies to Watch

YouTube ad-supported free movies are here but aren’t necessarily new, as the video hosting site added the titles last month…

It was only a matter of time. (At least, in hindsight.) YouTube has added nearly one-hundred free, ad-supported movies to its site. Titles include Rocky 1 through 5, Zookeeper, Legally Blonde, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Throw Mama from the Train, Agent Cody Banks, and The Terminator.

YouTube Ad-Supported Free Movies Uploaded

Prior to the addition, YouTube offered movie and TV episode rentals and purchases, similar to iTunes and Amazon Video.

YouTube is serving ads on the films, but the company is reportedly working on a set of deals to expand its offerings. These include sponsorships and exclusive screenings.

Although it’s much like what consumers can readily find elsewhere, YouTube has one big advantage. That is, its impressive 1.9 billion monthly active users.

With so many eyes already on the platform, it’s bound to catch-on quickly. This, not to mention the fact it can efficiently target viewers with ads, using data served up by parent company Google.

It’s all part of an ongoing trend in this space. For instance, Roku, the popular streaming hardware service, just launched its own ad-supported streaming channel, appropriately called The Roku Channel. Roku has also recently added more live content, including news and sports channels.

Head over to browse the YouTube ad-supported free movie library now.

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