October 23, 2021
YouTube Android app downloads

YouTube Reaches 5 Billion Downloads in the Google Play Store for Android Mobile Devices

YouTube Android app downloads now total five billion and counting, attesting to the overwhelming popularity of the video hosting site…

There’s no question YouTube rules the video hosting space. Debuting in 2005 and later acquired by Google, it boasts over 1.9 billion MAUs or monthly active users, 500 million mobile views per day, with an average viewing session of 40 minutes.

Now, add to it another milestone (well, sort of). The YouTube app for Android has now hit a remarkable 5 billion installs from the Google Play Store.

YouTube Android App Downloads Hit 5 Billion Installs from the Google Play Store

Pre-loaded on every new Android device with Google Play access, it’s an astonishingly popular portal. Since Android handhelds are the most ubiquitous on the planet, it’s little wonder why there’s been so many installations of the mobile app.

(What’s not explicit here is the fact that Android activations for both Google Play and YouTube count as downloads. In other words, the number is inflated but still very impressive, nonetheless.)

YouTube Android app install count
Credit: Google

Although, YouTube certainly isn’t alone in the billion+ installation ranks. Other Google services, such as Gboard, along with Google Photos, as well as Gmail, claim more than a billion downloads.

However, the company is still wrestling with entering into the original content market. It recently announced it would make all its original, premium content free by 2020, through an ad-supported format.

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