September 17, 2022
YouTube Android app dynamic video adaptation

The YouTube Android App Finally Automatically Adapts Different Video Sizes

The YouTube Android app dynamic video adaptation is finally rolling out, nine months after its official announcement, to automatically fix orientation…

The bane that is vertical video will never go away. But, that’s no longer a big problem. Today, YouTube released its fix. Now, the Android app will automatically orientate videos to adjust to different shapes and sizes.

YouTube Android App Dynamic Video Adaptation goes Live

Previously, if someone shot a video vertically, viewing on the YouTube app meant seeing black bars bookend the content. Plus, most of the UI and controls weren’t accessible. But now, as the latest version of the app goes live, the player will automatically fill as much of the screen as possible. This, regardless of ratio: square, vertical, 16:9 or something else.

Google isn’t disclosing how the technology works, only that it automatically adapts to fill the screen. Here’s the official tweet, announcing the new feature:

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