November 3, 2022
YouTube Audio Ads Announced

YouTube is About to Bombard Listeners with Audio Ads So get Ready for the Annoyance

YouTube is about to introduce a new revenue stream in the form of audio ads, which is sure to aggravate people listening to music in the background…

Google has managed to find a new way to squeeze more money out of brands trying to reach a broad audience on YouTube. The tech giant has announced it will now serve audio ads when people are consuming content on smart speakers, casting-devices, smart displays, and more. There will likely be a visual to go along with the adverts. Regardless, more ads are certainly not what users want from the platform. 

YouTube Audio Ads Announced

The ads will last up to 30 seconds in length. Google claims that this expanded marketing format will drive brand awareness by up to 75%, according to its tests. The audio ad format is available in six countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, and the United States. Those are huge markets, so the new audio ads have the potential to reach sizable audiences.

From Google’s perspective, it’s a purely win-win situation. People either have to put up with more ads running during their streaming time (which means more corporate ad revenue) or pay up for premium membership.

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