November 2, 2022
YouTube built-in sharing options

YouTube Announces Removal of Automatic Posting Tools, including Twitter and Google+, Later this Month

Automatic YouTube built-in sharing options will soon be a thing of the past as the video hosting site announces it will pull support…

Super popular video hosting site YouTube revealed plans to end support for one of its sharing options. Later this month, automated sharing tools for Twitter, along with other social networks, will come to an end.

YouTube Built-In Sharing Options Removal Announced

For years, creators could easily share their new content across social media simply by connecting profiles. So, every time they uploaded a new video, a post would go out among pre-selected social networks. Which meant not having to manually share one-by-one.

But, a post by a team member published earlier this week, it was revealed that functionality will cease by January 31st:

“After January 31st, the ability to automatically post your YouTube Activity on Twitter and Google+ will no longer be available. You can still share videos on social networks directly from YouTube via the Share button. Creators will also see an option to Share on social networks/platforms right after they successfully upload a new video.

The options in YouTube Settings > Connected apps > ‘Share your public activity to Twitter’ will be going away. This only affects sharing of public activity going forward, items already shared will remain on Twitter… You’ll also no longer see the option to automatically share your video on Google+ and Twitter via the upload flow in Creator Studio.”

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