January 19, 2022
YouTube channel removals

YouTube Crackdown on Hate Speech causes Channel Removals to Sharply Spike

YouTube channel removals have dramatically increased, following the video platform’s new content policies on hate speech…

In June, YouTube updated its hate speech rules to ban more videos from its video-hosting platform. Since that time, the changes have caused a steep spike in channel removals and video take-downs.

YouTube Channel Removals Skyrocket following Platform Policy Changes

YouTube has revealed it’s taken down more than 17,000 channels and over 100,000 videos for hate speech. This represents an increase of five-fold.

Additionally, the site substantially upped its comment removals, topping over 500 million. Moreover, content moderators are acting faster. Of the almost 30,000 videos deleted for hate speech in the past month, a mere 3 percent produced the number of views knitting videos did during the same period.

YouTube explains machine learning caught 87 percent of the 9 million videos taken down in Q2 of 2019. Plus, over 80 automatically flagged videos were removed before obtaining any views.

What’s more, spam detection jumped 50 percent in the number of channels pulled for violating site policies.

However, it’s a difficult task to pull-off due to applying artificial intelligence to hate speech. For instance, the video hosting site previously pulled history videos and channels for content about World War II, which included educational information about Nazis.

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