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YouTube Channel Subscriber Glitch Hits Hard

YouTube channel subscriber glitch

A widespread YouTube channel subscriber glitch hits the video platform hard, causing the loss of thousands of subscriptions for many content creators…

Probably the biggest bug in YouTube history, a glitch struck the video site’s largest stars. As a result, as many as 100,000 subscribers were lost in just five minutes time. The content creator who discovered the digital malfunction went from 29,000 subscribers to -1,500 (a negative number).

YouTube Channel Subscriber Glitch Suddenly Plagues the Video Site

The defect allowed any user to wreak havoc on any channel. Users who unsubscribe from a channel double the loss count. So, the tally of one subscriber leaving a channel counts as two loses. If done repeatedly, anyone could bring down a YouTube channel’s subscription count substantially.

YouTube became aware of the mishap and has since fixed the bug. Subscription counts are now normal and channels have reported their subscribers restored to previous amounts, according to The Next Web.

User BlackScreenTV first spotted the problem but for months, users have complained of mysterious drops in subscriber counts. Those complaints were largely dismissed by the video hosting site. The glitch started Monday but YouTube states it only affect the displayed number of subscribers, not the actual count. As a result, no data was lost during the fiasco.

YouTube video publishing dominates its competition. The platform captures 85 percent market share, while Facebook only takes a surprising 11 percent. Even more surprising is Vimeo’s zero performance, with just 4 percent of other platforms accounting for the remainder.

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