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YouTube is Ending this Feature in September and Some People with Disabilities Don’t Want to See it Go

YouTube community captions feature ending in September

Credit: Animation Monster

YouTube community contributions will be removed from the video hosting site on Monday, September 28th and not everyone is happy about the change…

YouTube Community Contributions will go away at the end of September. Google states the reasons for taking it down is due to exceptionally low adoption, while suffering from a substantial amount of spam and even abuse. Although hardly anyone uses it (about 0.01 percent), there are some creators and audience members who say they rely on it.

YouTube Community Captions Feature Ending in September

YouTube Community Contributions were predominantly used to let people contribute translations for video titles or submit descriptions, closed captions or subtitles. So, it is of particular use to creators and audience members who are deaf or have difficulty hearing. It’s also handy for people who don’t speak the creator’s language.

In the later example, creators say they benefit from the feature because it allows them to reach a wider audience. Google explains its decision to remove the tool from YouTube on a help page, citing low usage and other compelling factors:

“While we hoped Community Contributions would be a wide-scale, community-driven source of quality translations for Creators, it’s rarely used and people continue to report spam and abuse. Both creators and viewers have reported problems with the community contributions feature, including spam, abuse, and low quality submissions.”

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