YouTube Changes its Copyright Rules to Prevent some Holders’ Revenue Seizure from Creators

YouTube copyright rules

Credit: kisspng

YouTube has announced updates to its copyright policies on its official Creator Blog, which might result in more takedowns but prevent revenue seizure…

Google subsidiary video hosting site YouTube has announced changes to its intellectual property policies.

The company will no longer permit copyright holders to confiscate a creator’s revenue for using brief or unintentional music clips included in videos. However, intellectual property owners can still strike or demonetize videos that include short clips.

YouTube Copyright Rules Changes Announced

YouTube won’t allow copyright holders to use manual claims over fleeting clips of music. This means if there’s a five-second clip or a tune in the background, labels can’t file manual claims to seize creators’ revenue.

The company says its made this decision because some music companies have been over-zealously using the system.

The YouTube team writes on the Creator Blog the following:

“We strive to make YouTube a fair ecosystem for everyone, including songwriters, artists, and YouTube creators. We acknowledge that these changes may result in more blocked content in the near-term, but we feel this is an important step toward striking the right balance over the long-term. Our goal is to unlock new value for everyone by powering creative reuse and content mashups, while fairly compensating all rightsholders.”

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