August 4, 2021
YouTube creators non-skippable ads

Great, YouTube is Expanding its Non-Skippable Ad Program to More Creators

The existing YouTube creators non-skippable ads program will now be available to more YouTubers, giving them more monetization options…

YouTube will now allow more qualified creators to insert more non-skippable ads to all their videos, starting this week. The video hosting site announced the expansion on its Creator Insider channel, giving more YouTubers the opportunity to earn more money.

YouTube Creators Non-Skippable Ads Program Expanding

However, the new YouTube Creators non-skippable ads program isn’t open to all. Instead, the company will notify qualified candidates in the dashboard if they can use the option.

Advertisers routinely pay creators a larger amount of money for including non-skippable ads. So, this is obviously a smart way to incentivize more YouTubers to opt-in and create more content. The net result is a win-win-win scenario. Creators earn more, Google earns more, and brands get more exposure, hence increased sales. 

What’s more, this doesn’t apply only to newly produced or even future content. Instead, it works retroactively. Meaning already published videos will display non-skippable ads if creators enable the option. Additionally, YouTube is introducing a tool which gives creators the power to bulk add or remove non-skippable ads. And, tools track audience engagement, along with revenue flows.

Although this will result in more non-skippable ads on the video hosting platform, the site limits commercials to 20 seconds.

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