October 23, 2021
YouTube New Zealand mass shooting video take down

YouTube Says it Removed an ‘Unprecedented Volume’ of Video Uploads in the Wake of the New Zealand Mass Shootings

YouTube New Zealand mass shooting videos made there way around the site and the hosting platform said it delete volumes of uploads…

Shortly after the terrorist tragedy, videos of the horrific live captures began popping up on YouTube. Right away, both YouTube and Facebook tirelessly worked to take down all copies of the real-life footage taken from a head-mounted camera, apparently live-streamed by the gunman who allegedly committed two mass shootings in New Zealand.

YouTube Deleted Unprecedented Volume of Videos following New Zealand Mass Shootings

Not only did YouTube hunt down and delete all copies, it also disabled some search queries to limit its spread. Copies were reportedly uploaded very quickly. So fast, estimates put it at one per second.

For its part, Facebook said it took down 1.5 million videos of the attacks in the first 24 hours following the events.

YouTube hasn’t provided an exact number but it is known moderators worked around the clock to remove tens of thousands. It proved difficult, as some uploads were altered in order to evade automated detection from the site’s digital moderation tools.

This incident sadly proves yet again huge task such platforms have on-hand. It raises new questions and puts old concerns to the forefront of such on-demand technology.

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