November 9, 2022
YouTube desktop homepage video thumbnails test

Some YouTube Users are Seeing TV-Like Video Thumbnails on the Web

YouTube is currently conducting an A/B test for its desktop site, which brings large video thumbnails to the interface…

A select group of people are seeing a big change with the YouTube homepage for the web. Over the past few days, the Google subsidiary has been running an A/B test which substantially increases the size of video thumbnails.

YouTube Desktop Homepage Video Thumbnails Test Spotted

The new YouTube desktop homepage video thumbnail test sizably enlarges pictures, decreasing the number of previews on the screen.

Along with the up-sized video previews is the disappearance of carousels. Other than those big changes, most of the interface stays the same.

This test comes just after YouTube added a new “Up Next” video overlay feature. YouTube now shows a new overlay, which floats above the current video as it comes to an end. Previously, the next video would fill up the entire screen. Additionally, the countdown to automatic play now resides in the upper right corner.

With the enlarged video thumbnails, the experience changes immensely. It’s mostly ideal for people with large displays. But, it can also detract from the experience, since it reduces the number of previews.

As with any test, the change may or may not make it out to wide release.

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