November 4, 2022
YouTube dislike mobs

YouTube Says its Completely Aware of ‘Dislike Mobs’ and Pledges to Do Something about the Problem

YouTube dislike mobs are a real menace to the video hosting platform and Google says it’s working on a feasible solution…

Video hosting site YouTube admits it is quite aware of the abuse of its dislike button. So, the platform is thinking up some ways to cause people to reconsider hitting it on impulse. In fact, the company put out a video to address the problem known as “dislike mobs.”

YouTube Dislike Mobs Experimental Fix Underway

Project management director Tom Leung explained in a video the site is brainstorming on ways to curtail dislike mobs. (For those unfamiliar, dislike mobs are a phenomenon of people rushing to hit the dislike button on a video. And, they may or may not even watch.)

One such method would result in turning off rating counts by default. Or, perhaps require viewers give an explanation for dislikes. Yet another possibility is to pull away dislike counts or even go so far as to remove the option.

But, Leung says YouTube understands any of these methods could trigger unforeseen and/or bad consequences. This, plus the fact it would necessary create logistical headaches on both sides of the platform.

The director even went so far as to admit the site might just persist with the status quo if there are no good, workable answers.

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