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YouTube to Test an Explore Tab on iOS to Help Viewers find News Videos and Channels

YouTube Explore tab

An upcoming YouTube Explore tab will help a small pool of iOS users discover new videos and channels, Creator Insider announces…

Soon, a small group of YouTube iOS users will see a new Explore tab on their devices. Tom Leung, YouTube’s director of product management and host of the platform’s Creator Insider channel, says it’s to help people find similar content on the video hosting platform.

YouTube Explore Tab Experiment Rolls Out to iOS

The new YouTube Explore tab for iOS will surface at the bottom of the home screen. It will recommend videos based on viewers’ interests but with a “broader scope.” In other words, it works much like Related videos but the content is not as narrow. So, if someone watches guitar lesson tutorials, Explore might contain videos on stringing the instrument. Or, videos related to effects. Basically, suggestions related to previous viewing interests but a bit more wide context.

Which means it’s probably close to what Instagram offers with its own explore feature. It’s an interesting option, giving users more exposure to topics and channels they probably wouldn’t see in “Up next”  and “More recommended for you.”

YouTube recently began testing an expanded personal recommendations collection. The video hosting site also started displaying hashtags just above content titles on the web and Android.

Here’s the video from the Creator Insider channel announcing the experiment:

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