July 23, 2021
YouTube external link policy

YouTube gets Serious about External Links in Creator Videos

The established YouTube external link policy just changed and now, video creators must join the YouTube Partner Program to send viewers to another site…

YouTube is where some creatives make their living. And now, the company requires those video creators to join its Partner Program to include external links. Creators place external links to other sites in the end cards. That’s now not possible, if a channel isn’t part of the program. Although, there’s no word on its official blog.

YouTube External Link Policy Changes, Creators Now Required to Sign Up for the Video Hosting Sites Partner Program

Some creator believed their links were arbitrarily blocked. Turns out, the video hosting site just changed its requirements for external linking. Creators must now join the YouTube Partner Program for external links to work in the end cards. But, that’s a big threshold because it requires need a minimum of 10,000 public views. This requirement is¬†insurmountable for small creators without a large audience.

Even creators with that many views aren’t necessarily free to include external links. But, the YouTube Partnership Program application still remains subject to approval. YouTube states it made the change to prevent opportunists from using other people’s content and/or copyrighted content to monetize it for personal gain.