November 3, 2022
YouTube fake news

YouTube will Fight Fake News with “Authoritative Sources,” other Resources

YouTube fake news is a real problem so the digital video hosting site is stepping up its efforts to provide users with better information…

The fight against misleading and false information continues as YouTube seeks out more remedies. This time, it’s turning to “authoritative sources,” as well as providing more context to users. The company announced in a blog post it’s rolling out new features to combat fake news. 

YouTube Fake News Fight Continues

One such method are new YouTube search info cards. These display information from third-party sources, which include Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, and more. The cards surface when triggered by searches for historical and scientific topics which are prone to conspiracy theories and misinformation. (Topics such as landing on the moon and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.)

YouTube search info cards
Credit: Google / YouTube

The reason for the new YouTube search info cards is conspiracy theory and other questionable videos on these subjects likely do not violate the company’s community guidelines. As a result, YouTube can’t take them down. But, it can give users more information.

The video hosting site will also introduce similar cards in the coming weeks. These will display when triggered by news-related queries, such as a big event or breaking news. So, users will be reminded that breaking news might still be developing, along with other disclaimers.

YouTube is also dedicating $25 million  to support journalism expertise and more on its site. It’s working with Poynter Institute, Stanford University, Local Media Association, and the National Association for Media Literacy Education.

Earlier this year, the company began appending disclaimer labels to government-backed content, alerting users that videos, in-part or full, are state-funded.

It’s taking these additional steps due to the YouTube adpocalypse, which occurred last year when the company displayed terrorist propaganda and hate speech next to unrelated videos. The incident resulted in big brands pulling their advertising dollars from the platform.