July 22, 2021
YouTube family vlogger comments

After YouTube Disables Comments on Videos Featuring Children, Family Vloggers Struggle with the Changes

YouTube recently shut down comments on practically all videos featuring children and that’s left family vloggers struggling with an uncertain future…

Every (hasty) decision breeds new problems. Case in point, YouTube’s recent disabling of comments on practically every video featuring children.

Just about two weeks ago, YouTube terminated 400 channels and deleted millions of comments after high-profile advertisers stopped their ad campaigns.

This, after YouTuber Matt Watson created a new account in order to demonstrate how incredibly easy it is to fall into a pedophilia “wormhole.” With just a few clicks, the recommendations section fills up with videos which all feature young girls. Thereafter, Disney, Nestle, and others suspended their ad spending.

So, YouTube disabled comments on “tens of millions” of uploads featuring young children. The company states it plans to broad this action in the coming months.

Now, the unintended consequences are beginning to surface.

YouTube Family Vlogger Comments Disabled Hurt Monetization

Jon and Danielle Murray, started vlogging nearly four years ago with their six daughters. Now, they’re contemplating whether to continue or leave the platform altogether.

Their reason is simple — without comments, there’s a lack of personal connection with their audience. Meaning, it completely changes the dynamics in more than one way. The Murrays tell The Verge the following: 

“If we don’t have comments, we’re no different from the TV. And it’s so important that we’re different from the TV because that’s why people like us. Anyone can talk to their favorite YouTuber. But if you take that away, if you take away that connection between the creator and the viewer, than we’re just making short films — and nobody watches short films.”

In short, no comments undermines their connectivity to viewers. Hence, fewer opportunities to monetize.

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