April 28, 2021
YouTube Go hits 500 million Google Play Store installs

YouTube Go Now Claims Half a Billion Downloads from the Google Play Store

YouTube Go joins alongside other Google mobile apps, like Android Auto, reaching 500 million installations from the Play Store…

Just recently, Android Auto surpassed half a billion downloads from the Google Play Store. Now, another mobile app by Big G has risen to the same milestone — YouTube Go. A lightweight version of YouTube, this app is for emerging markets and comes preinstalled on Android Go phones. 

YouTube Go Hits 500 Million Google Play Store Installs

Google first introduced YouTube Go back in February 2017 in India, followed by an expansion to fourteen other countries in November of that same year. Then, in February 2018, Google rolled it out to include 130 countries around the world, making it available to approximately 60 percent of the global population.

For a stripped-down alternative, this is still quite remarkable. For instance, two others, Google Maps Go and Google Assistant Go lag way behind, with 100 million downloads and 50 million downloads, respectively. Meanwhile, Google Classroom has also reached 100 million, an impressive figure given it’s not preinstalled on any devices.

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