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iPhone X Now Sports YouTube HDR Support

YouTube HDR

YouTube HDR support for the iPhone X has been under limited trial testing since late last month, but now, it appears to be rolling out more widely…

Since the end of April, YouTube has been testing support for HDR or High Dynamic Range content on the Apple iPhone X. But now, it looks like the feature is rolling out to more users. 

YouTube HDR Support Now Rolling Out for iPhone X

People have taken to Reddit and Twitter to report seeing the upgrade on their iPhone X devices. So, it just might become available to all iPhone X users soon. Or, at least in the near future.

Last year, Netflix actually added HDR support for the iPhone X, as well as the iPhone 8 and iPad Pro. But, it’s only recently YouTube jumped onboard to give flagship Apple devices the same experience.

HDR provides a wider range of shades, darker blacks, which go from pure white to absolute black. Such resolution allows viewers to see details which would otherwise be lost in lower resolution content. Plus, HDR viewers state video is more deep and real than other formats.

For the technology to work, content must obviously recorded in HDR. Apple iPhone X users can check the resolution simply by tapping the three-dot menu and then select 1080p60 HDR.

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