September 21, 2022
YouTube homepage recommendations bug

YouTube Viewers Experiencing Weird Homepage Recommendation Issues

A YouTube homepage recommendations bug is affecting the site but parent company Google says it’s working on a fix for the problem…

No, it’s not an isolated incident. If the recommendations on the YouTube homepage seem oddly off or downright strange, that’s because they are. YouTube has already acknowledged the problem and states it’s working on resolving the issue.

YouTube Homepage Recommendations Bug Fix Underway

The homepage of the video hosting site and video pages both recommend content based on previous views, search queries, and more. So, the more a person interacts with a certain type of content, the more refined recommendations become. And, if something pops-up that’s uninteresting, there’s an option to label it as such. However, those tools don’t always work as intended.

“Just confirming that YouTube is aware of this thread and looking into it — we do think something weird is up.”

YouTube recommendations have long been the subject of controversy. Many users complained the current bug suggests content irrelevant to their interests and taking any action does not fix the problem. YouTube says the problem has already been fixed on the back-end but warns users might still experience issues.

YouTube recently went on an aggressive purge to remove spam accounts. The video hosting site also removed pop-up annotations from the platform back in November.

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