July 31, 2021
YouTube Introduces a Default Video Quality Setting

YouTube Finally Lets Users Pick their Desired Default Video Quality Setting (Well, Kind Of)

YouTube has realized viewers might prefer to set their own default video quality, adding in a new sitewide option, but it’s not specific…

Back in June, YouTube quietly announced that it was experimenting simplified video quality settings with a limited group of testers. Now, it’s bringing the option to everyone — though not everyone at once. Apparently, the feature is rolling out via a server-side switch, which means it will take some time for every user to gain access to it. Nonetheless, it’s a welcome change.

YouTube Introduces a Default Video Quality Setting

The new YouTube default video quality setting was first discovered while in development back in March by XDA Developers. The final version resides in the Video quality preferences menu, with three basic choice ranges: Data Saver, Higher Picture Quality, and Auto. Then, there’s an Advanced option, which allows viewers to pick their own default playback quality choice. However, there is a downside, there still isn’t a way to pick an exact quality for the entire app. 

“We want to make it easier for you to understand streaming settings, so we’re testing an updated settings menu when changing the quality of videos. The new quick menu will give you more info about quality settings and how they impact your data, while an advanced menu lets you see options like 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc. as you already do today!”

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