November 5, 2022
YouTube warns creators about subscriber count drops amid purging closed user accounts

YouTube is Telling its Creators they Might Experience a Drop in Subscriber Counts Due it its Purging of Closed Accounts

YouTube has issued a warning to its creators that they might see a drop in subscribers, due to the company’s removal of closed accounts…

The world’s largest video hosting platform is alerting creators about possible drops in subscription counts, as a result of the company’s purging of closed accounts. Said accounts are those voluntarily shut down, as well those closed over policy violations.

YouTube is Warning Creators about Drops in Subscriber Counts amid Purging of Closed User Accounts

YouTube is telling its creators that it’s in the midst of deleting closed accounts. Such actions might cause their subscriber counts to fall during this time. The changes, if any, will most likely show up in YouTube Analytics for today through tomorrow. 

In order for creators to see which subscriber accounts have been removed from the site, it’s necessary to go into YouTube Analytics and select “See more.” Then, go to “Closed Accounts” from “Subscription Source.”

These types of purges are routine for YouTube. But creators dislike the process because it could cause their channels to fall below the minimum monetization standards.

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