October 20, 2021
YouTube Kids video screening proposal rejected internally

YouTube Kids Reportedly Considered Screening All Video Content but the CEO Rejected the Proposal

Google subsidiary YouTube reportedly considered screening all content posted to YouTube Kids but ultimately decided against the proposal…

YouTube was hit with a $170 million fine this year by the Federal Trade Commission or FTC. But, it wasn’t the dollar amount which hurt. Its reputation took a huge blow for violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act or COPPA.

YouTube Kids In-House Video Screening Proposal Rejected Internally

YouTube Kids not only suffered monetary penalties this year, it also suffered from a few big scandals. Among the most notable, videos containing suicide tips.

The company even reportedly considered moving all children’s content off of YouTube and placing it on YouTube Kids.

But, there were other ideas, as well. YouTube Kids mulled the possibility of having all its video content screened, according to Bloomberg. The site went so far as to assemble a team of forty moderators, code-named “Crosswalk.”

Said team would screen every single video aimed at children under the age of eight. However, at the last minute, CEO Susan Wojcicki rejected the plan, according to Bloomberg

Doing so might place the video hosting platform in the position of being a media company. Such a state would then open the site up to the same standards as news publishers, who are accountable for copyright, threats, hate speech and more.

Wojcicki told CBS recently that “…if we were held liable for every single piece of content that we recommended, we would have to review it.”

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