November 4, 2022
YouTube Kids suicide tips

Someone Spliced Suicide Tips into Videos Running on YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids suicide tips are showing up in some videos, first spotted by parents, the site removed them only for others to pop-up…

Now, there’s another reason parents need to practice vigilance when it comes to their children’s screen time. Recently, a mother and pediatrician, Dr. Free Hess and other parents have discovered a horrifying situation. Someone has spliced suicide tips into videos appearing on YouTube Kids.

YouTube Kids Suicide Tips Spliced into Children’s Videos

The platform is supposed to include age-appropriate content. But, bad things do find their way onto the platform.

Upon being alerted, YouTube acted quickly to take down the video but another version popped up. The video in question contained a short segment in which a man appears and says, “Remember kids, sideways for attention, longways for results. End it.”

A spokesperson for the site said, “We work hard to ensure YouTube is not used to encourage dangerous behavior and we have strict policies that prohibit videos which promote self-harm.”

Parents should monitor what their children watch, keeping an eye out, even for seemingly innocent content. The site provides parental controls. Additionally, parents can also report or flag inappropriate content.

It’s just another reminder to parents there’s always potential for danger on the internet.

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