September 15, 2022

YouTube Maps Deciphers Video Trends

YouTube Maps Trends
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Mountain View, California–The video sharing site, YouTube, which recently reached 1 billion views per month, just made it a little more easy to extrapolate how your YouTube promotion is going and why. If you’ve ever wondered if the video your business took the good time and money to produce is reaching beyond your locality to other counties or states, the YouTube Map, or what’s called the YouTube Trends Map will show you exactly that information.

Not only will the data disclose which are your best YouTube videos, it will break them down by demographics and number of shares. And the results might surprise your company.

YouTube Maps Data

The trends map, which is available through the YouTube full site, allows you to see not only the traffic your videos are receiving, but also provides you with the option to breakdown those views. When you sign-in to YouTube desktop, you can immediately go to the trends map and find information about your YouTube channel, seeing breakdowns by geographic location, age, and other demographics.

However, those stats aren’t available for two days: “The age and gender demographics can take up to 48 hours after the video is uploaded for the data to become available, so if it is a brand new video, you will have to wait to get the demographic breakdowns,” according to Search Engine Watch.

The move comes at a time when both consumers and marketers are leaving other social media sites behind. Facebook recently suffered dramatic drops in its users in the US, UK, Germany, Spain, France and Japan.

YouTube Maps: A Clever Marketing Tool

This latest feature is not only a treasure trove of information for companies marketing their products and services, hoping to make it to the top of the YouTube home page, but for the video sharing site itself. By introducing this resource, the site becomes far more valuable to businesses seeking exposure through video.

And by making available statistics which show when and where those videos are being viewed, along with who is viewing them, transforms the world of internet video marketing. With YouTube Maps trends bringing much needed information, companies will surely utilize the platform more going into the future.

The site is also believed to be introducing a pay-for-play feature in the upcoming months for specific channels in a testing phase.

Credit: Search Engine Watch
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