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Get Ready — YouTube will Add Giant Ads to its Masthead on TV Apps

YouTube masthead ads

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YouTube is about to change its interface for television apps in a big way, adding huge ads to its masthead to maximize revenue…

Anyone who watches YouTube on their smart television without a premium account knows ad breaks are part of their experience.

Since the daily watch time for the video hosting platform is 250 million hours per day, it is unsurprising Google would display more ads whenever and wherever it can.

Turns out, the masthead is prime advertising real estate and companies will pay handsomely to showcase their products and services on it.

YouTube Masthead Ads Set to Debut on Television Apps

According to a recent news report by The Verge, that’s precisely what’s coming — giant ads in the YouTube masthead, through television apps.

For those unfamiliar with the nomenclature, the masthead is that large rectangle which resides across the top of the screen. (It’s where YouTube often advertises its own products.)

Google plans to use its autoplay feature, which will run ads in the masthead. Said YouTube masthead ads will run for a few seconds and will appear on certain devices.

Google claims people remember ads better they’ve seen on YouTube more than they do on traditional television. So, it’s probably here to stay.

Google is currently rolling out the program.

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