April 29, 2021
YouTube mini player bar

YouTube Testing a Mini Play Bar that Scrolls on Desktop

A mysterious YouTube mini player bar is popping up for some users, scrolling along with them on desktop in an apparent limited test…

Recently, Youtube began testing a picture-in-picture feature on the web. (It’s only showing up for a small group of users.) But that’s not all the video hosting site is testing. It’s also working on a mini player bar, which followers users as they scroll up and down the desktop site.

YouTube Mini Player Bar Desktop Test Spotted

Spotted by Engadget, it only appears to some users. If it’s adopted for wide roll out, this will be another multitasking tool for the platform. Here’s what it looks like, courtesy of Engadget:

As the above video shows, the mini player follows the scroll, with the content title, along with the familiar thumbs up and down, share, and subscribe buttons. So, it’s meant to actually be functional.

The fact there are two simultaneous tests for very similar actions strongly suggests YouTube is gauging which is more effective. Of course, it’s possible YouTube will release both features.

The video hosting site just introduced a web browser live stream option. And, it’s currently testing autoplay video subtitles for Android.

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