January 13, 2022
YouTube mobile app dark mode

YouTube Viewers can Now Watch the Mobile App in Low-Light Settings

The much-desired YouTube mobile app dark mode is finally here, arriving on iOS, with Android soon to follow for low-light situations…..

The¬†YouTube mobile app dark mode goes live today on iOS, with Android coming right behind it, Google announced. Previously spotted by some users back in January, it’s now becoming available to all.

YouTube Mobile App Dark Mode Introduced

The dark theme first arrived on desktop last year. It allows users to more easily view content at night or in other low-light environments. When enabled, it turns the familiar white background black, making it perfect for sparsely lit spaces.

Not only does it place less demand on the eyes, there are tests which have shown dark modes actually help to save battery life. Those two reason alone are enough to bring the option to the mobile app. (Even though mobile users already consume over one hour of content on the app per day.)

YouTube mobile app dark mode
Credit: YouTube / TechCrunch

The new YouTube mobile app dark mode is now available for use by going to the user profile icon > Settings > Dark Theme.

Google recently added automatic captions, chat replay, and more options to YouTube Live. The video hosting site is the most popular social site for youths 12 to 17 years of age, a study found in December.