April 8, 2021
YouTube mobile app dark mode

The YouTube Dark Mode for Its Mobile App makes an Impromptu Appearance

The previously unanticipated YouTube mobile app dark mode isn’t yet available to all, but some users are seeing it in action…

YouTube launched a mammoth update to its desktop property last spring. It sports a new look, with quicker working framework, a sleek user interface, and a dark theme. Now, the YouTube mobile app dark mode appears to already be rolling out to some users.

YouTube Mobile App Dark Mode Spotted by Some Users

The option was recently spotted by the folks at MacRumors and is accessible to a limited group of people running version 13.0.1. At this time, it’s unclear who and who doesn’t have the option. However, several users report its functionality in response to a Reddit post.

If it’s available, users can simply open the YouTube mobile app and tap on their profile. Then, navigate to Settings >> General. The “Dark Theme” option resides right above Restricted Mode. 

YouTube mobile app dark mode screenshot
Credit: OustedHoChiMihn

One Redditor reported seeing a pop up invitation, urging them to try the dark mode. So, this message might also appear to other users as the function rolls out.

When YouTube announced its overhaul and dark mode, it did not confirm it would include more devices. Although a modest change to the user interface, it’s one of the most requested. In fact, it was quite curious why YouTube would only make the Dark Theme available to desktop machines. Now, it’s coming to mobile, which makes a lot more sense.