June 18, 2021
YouTube mobile incognito mode

YouTube Testing Incognito Mode on Its Mobile App

A YouTube mobile app incognito mode option is currently in testing out in the wild, in an apparent temporary server-side switch…

YouTube is handy for finding how-to tutorials, funny videos, tech information, and even hard news. And, plenty of users journey down the rabbit hole to weird destinations. That, of course, leaves a trail which anyone could find simply by looking through the watch history. But, that might not soon be the case because Android Police has spotted incognito mode in the wild.

YouTube Mobile App Incognito Mode Test Spotted

The feature resides right inside the native mobile app and doesn’t seem to require an update. However, there’s no guarantee everyone will see it at this time. When enabled, incognito mode allows for anonymous browsing, with no saved history. Moreover, existing subscriptions will likewise remain hidden.

YouTube mobile incognito mode screenshots
Credit: Android Police

The problem with YouTube is it’s not very good at serving up the right content choices. Sure, it does make recommendations based on browsing history, likes, comments, subscriptions, and more. But, too often, poor quality, dubious videos make their way to the homepage. 

This change is interesting considering the fact that it’s already possible to pause the watch history. (It’s located in the settings menu.) But, this makes for a quicker alternative.