September 11, 2021
YouTube Music playlist and album sorting

Looks Like YouTube Music is about to Add Sorting for Albums and Playlists

It seems Google will introduce a helpful new feature to YouTube Music, the ability to sort playlists and albums, something previously absent…

Google revealed YouTube Music to the world in 2018. It came with much fanfare but hasn’t lived up to the hype, at least to-date.

It’s supposed to replace Play Music yet isn’t’ gaining the traction hoped for. This is probably due to its slow-walk development, with it missing a number of basic features. However, the latest app release, version 3.29, brings a function which previously was conspicuous by its absence — sorting.

YouTube Music Adding Album and Playlist Sorting

With the latest version of YouTube Music comes a server-side roll out, which includes the ability to sort playlists and albums. 

Previously, anything added to the library would go to Recently added, without any way to sort. (Users had to resort to adding all content in the desired order.)

The change gives listeners the power to sort by Recently Added, A to Z, and Z to A, for both albums and playlists.

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