May 22, 2022
YouTube Music Desktop Now Displays Song Lyrics

YouTube Music for the Web is Gaining a Feature Previously Only Available on the Mobile App

YouTube Music’s desktop client has caught up to its mobile application by adding song lyrics to its website streaming service…

Back in February, Google brought its lyrics display feature to YouTube Music’s Android app. Then, in May, fully rolled out the option. But, the same tool wasn’t available on its desktop site. That is, until now. It appears Google is flipping a server-side switch to add the function to the YouTube Music desktop client. This, after completing a server-side test run.

YouTube Music Desktop Now Displays Song Lyrics

With the addition, there’s now two panels, that replace the single “Queue,” which are: “Up Next,” and “Lyrics.” So, listeners can switch back-and-forth, if desired. YouTube Music lyrics are probably more useful on desktop than the mobile app. After all, if a listener is driving, his or her attention should be on the road and not on a relatively small phone screen. Plus, it makes sense for musicians attempting to learn songs or even for people to enjoy a little karaoke.

This is a server-side addition, which means it won’t necessarily show up right away for everyone. But, it ought to become available over the next few days or weeks. It’s possible to check for it by going to on desktop or laptop.

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