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YouTube Just Added this Super-Handy Feature Previously Available on Google Play Music

YouTube Music Now Lists which Artist's Songs have been Added to Users' Libraries

Credit: Envato

YouTube Music is creeping ever-closer to parity with its predecessor, Google Play Music, by adding a new information section…

Now that it’s finally official Google will shutter Play Music later this year in favor of YouTube Music, it’s more important than ever the successor be up to the challenge of taking over. To that end, Google has added a number of features to YouTube Music. And now, there’s another it’s copied from Play Music — listing all the songs added to libraries by artists’ names.

YouTube Music Now Lists which Artist’s Songs have been Added to Users’ Libraries

Now, visiting the library section will be more useful with a new “See All By Artist” option. Selecting it takes listeners to the full artist profile page. There, it displays his or her top tracks, albums, videos, and more information. Currently, it’s rolling out to the Android app, as well as to the web interface.

Prior to this addition, tapping on an artist in the Library section would list every song he or she ever recorded. But, it omitted the ones listeners added to their personal collections. It’s yet another popular option on Google Play Music that was missing from YTM. And though a minor one, helps to make the transition over less of a FOMO moment.

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