November 3, 2022
YouTube Music Now Offers Mood and Activity Playlists

YouTube Music Place more Emphasis on its Personalized Playlist Prowess

YouTube Music has improved upon its personalized playlist picks, now offering tracks based on mood and activities, better suiting the moment…

Now that Google has pretty much killed off Google Play Music, the company is putting more effort into YouTube Music. With the legacy platform out-of-the-way, YTM is gaining new features all the time. The latest addition seeks to improve YouTube Music’s penchant for compiling interesting playlists. Now, YTM listeners can enjoy long lists of tunes that are based on mood and activities.

YouTube Music Now Offers Mood and Activity Playlists

Now, when people open YouTube Music, they will see as many as seven My Mix playlists on the Home screen, each of which are updated on a daily basis. Every mix contains tracks from a variety of artists, blending old favorites and new songs that share a common mood or fit a particular activity. There’s also a more robust version called My Supermix. It pulls together all of the listener’s personal tastes and puts them into one place.

Additionally, YTM now displays several activity and mood-oriented tabs, which include things like “workout, “focus,” “relax,” and “commute.” Tapping on any one will launch more custom playlists, along with additional recommendations for listeners to explore and enjoy at their leisure.

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