July 3, 2022
YouTube Music Playlist Update Notifications Now Appearing on Android and iOS

YouTube Music Now Alerts Listeners to Updates to Shared Playlists on Android and iOS

YouTube Music will now tell its users when shared playlists have been updated with a new notification that’s been recently added…

As time increasingly dwindles for the existence of Google Play Music, its successor, YouTube Music, continues to gain new features. These are important because users will certainly expect the latter to either be at parity or better than the former’s experience. To this end, Google has quietly added a new feature to YouTube Music that should prove helpful to listeners.

YouTube Music Playlist Update Notifications Now Appearing on Android and iOS

When users visit the Settings page, they’ll now see a new toggle labeled, “Notify me when playlists I like are updated.” So, it appears that the notifications won’t automatically go off and that Google is giving users a bit of granular control. (Although, it is set on, by default. Which means people will have to manually disable it, if desired.)

Since Google snuck this into the interface without an official announcement, there’s not yet reports of what the notifications look like or actually do. It seems the option was added sometime after version 3.61. This, because it’s present on 3.67 through 3.69 in the stable releases. And, it’s available on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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