August 5, 2021
YouTube Music 'Recent Activity' Test Spotted

YouTube Music is Borrowing yet Another Feature from Google Play Music before Replacing It

YouTube Music is apparently gaining another tool from its predecessor, a ‘Recent Activity’ section, as Google prepares it for replacing Play Music…

Google will shut down Play Music sometime later this year in favor of YouTube Music. Although the company hasn’t revealed exactly when, it’s definitely working hard to make the transition seamless. For instance, it’s released a transfer tool to YouTube Music. And, added a number of features bring it to parity. Now, it’s apparently integrating another: Recent Activity.

YouTube Music ‘Recent Activity’ Test Spotted

Thus far, it’s only showing up in Brazil, according to 9to5Google. The tool acts the same as it does in Play Music, providing a history to browse of what’s been saved, like Playlists, Albums, Artists, and more. (Whether or not it will stay so similar remains to be seen, because it looks like an A/B test.)

For those who haven’t yet made the switch from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, the latter is increasingly becoming more and more like its soon-to-be predecessor. Regardless of its differences, it will be the only choice in the not-too-distant future.

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