September 21, 2021
YouTube Music restricting Disney and Made of Kids songs

YouTube Music is Now Placing Weird Restrictions on Some Disney and ‘Make for Kids’ Songs

YouTube Music has enacted some strange restrictions on Disney and ‘Made for Kids’ song tracks, that are confusing listeners…

While YouTube Music continues to expand its audience and grow — particularly due to some nifty features and perks not found elsewhere — it’s still experiencing some problems.

One seems to be attributable to the compliance with COPPA government regulations that is now putting restrictions on some Disney and ‘Made for Kids’ songs.

YouTube Music Restricting Disney and ‘Made of Kids’ Songs

Some listeners have recently noticed that YouTube Music a few oddities with the platform, in the wake of the company being hit with a huge find over COPPA or Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule.

Basically, what’s happening is YouTube Music is blocking various features from track options. And, it seems like its mostly effecting Disney scores and Made for Kids songs. 

For instance, the like/dislike button on affected tracks is disabled. Another is an issue with the mini-player. Plus, songs impacted by the problems cannot be added to playlists.

However, on the desktop interface, it’s a different experience. Those ostensible bugs aren’t present.

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