September 21, 2021
YouTube Music seamless audio-video switching

Google Adds Seamless Switching between Audio and Video for YouTube Music

Google has added seamless switching between audio tracks and music video to its YouTube Music mobile app for ease of play…

YouTube’s streaming service has always put its focus on video and that certainly isn’t a surprise. But now, the latest YouTube Music feature to debut allows subscribers to seamlessly switch between audio tracks and music videos.

YouTube Music Seamless Audio-Video Switching Introduced

Since its launch, YouTube Music has given people the option to turn on “audio mode.” When activated, the videos queued play audio only, displaying the album cover art with no video component.

“Imagine listening to a new track by your favorite artist in the YouTube Music app and having the ability to seamlessly switch over to watch the music video ⁠— no pauses, no interruptions, just a simple transition that keeps the music flowing.”

Now, there’s two top of the screen tabs, “song” and “video.” Tapping on the latter tab starts immediate play of the video, with the app maintaining the current playback time. Videos still play in portrait mode by default but users can easily switch to landscape.

The new feature is only available to paying YouTube Music Premium or YouTube Premium subscribers. It’s now live on both Android and iOS, as well.

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