July 3, 2022
YouTube Music to Support Smart Speaker Casting for Free

YouTube Music has a Serious Flaw, but Google Appears to be Fixing It

YouTube Music, the successor to Google Play Music, has a very annoying quirk, but it looks like Google will correct it…

The impending demise of Google Play Music has the tech giant scrambling to make its replacement, YouTube Music, either a seamless transition to parity, or even a better experience. One of the most useful features about its predecessor, Play Music, is the ability to upload tracks and cast them to a smart speaker. However, YouTube Music doesn’t share that convenience, but according to a recent look inside the latest code, that’s about to change.

YouTube Music to Support Smart Speaker Casting for Free

Though Google is working hard to bring the new platform up to speed with the old one, YouTube Music still has its shortcomings. For instance, one of the more curious limitations is the fact that users can’t cast their uploads to smart speakers. At least, not on the free tier. This perk is only available to premium subscribers. But, from a recent analysis of an upcoming release, that should change.

New strings of code appearing in a beta build indicate that people using the free version of YouTube Music will be able to cast tunes to smart speakers. Of course, there are restrictions. The feature only applies to uploaded music. Plus, it still won’t work for queued music in the library. That is, unless users cast it to a video enabled device where it can run ads. Otherwise, it’s still necessary to have a paid, premium account.

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