February 25, 2021
YouTube notification video thumbnails

YouTube Spotted Testing Video Thumbnails in Notifications

YouTube notification video thumbnails are appearing to some users, in what seems like yet another routine test by Google…

YouTube notifications are quite simple. They only display the title and channel name. (That is, unless expanded.) But now, it appears Google might change that to provide a bit more information.

YouTube Notification Video Thumbnails Testing Begins

YouTube is now showing notification video thumbnails. (At least, to a limited group of user subscribers.) The folks over at Android Police received some tips about the feature — which not everyone experiences at this time.

While the video thumbnail is the biggest change, others are much more subtle. For instance, the introduction, “New from,” no longer appears in the notification. Instead, the channel name and video title, along with a thumbnail:

YouTube notification video thumbnails screenshot
Credit: Android Police

Of course, as with all tests, there is no guarantee this feature will make it to wide release. Google might choose to redesign it or abandon it altogether. However, it does seem quite useful. But, that’s the entire point of conducting such tests.

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