September 22, 2022
YouTube Offering 3 Free Months of YouTube Premium to New Subscribers

YouTube is Now Offering its Premium Version for 3 Months for Free for New Subscribers

YouTube is running a new promotion that allows new subscribers to receive three free months of Premium, which includes YouTube Music and more…

To celebrate #CyberWeek, YouTube is giving away three free months of its Premium membership for first-time customers. New subscribers will receive the ad-free version of YouTube, along with access to YouTube Originals, YouTube Music, and even another current giveaway, a free Stadia Premier Edition. That’s a lot for no cost, and even after the free trial period ends, it’s just $11.99 per month thereafter.

YouTube Offering 3 Free Months of YouTube Premium to New Subscribers

Of course, three free months of YouTube Premium — along with unfettered access to YTM — doesn’t come without a stipulation. Sure, it’s only a three month trial, but it’s only for first-timers. And, the promotion will end soon. New customers need to sign-up before Sunday, December 6th. Once subscribed, the free trial period will end in early March of 2021 and new members will have to cancel before incurring monthly charges.

Here’s another catch — the free YouTube Premium trial offer is restricted to the United States. So, anyone outside the US won’t be able to take advantage. To give it a try, just head over to

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