August 3, 2022
YouTube Originals ad-supported non-subscription model

YouTube will make Its Original Content available to Non-Premium Subscribers through an Ad-Supported Format by 2020

A planned YouTube Originals ad-supported non-subscription model will become available by the year 2020, the video hosting site announces…

YouTube offers paid subscription services. The biggest perk, aside from watching content without the interruption of ads, is access to its original content lineup. Like traditional television and cable networks, this is scripted, professionally produced programming.

YouTube Originals Ad-Supported Non-Subscription Model to Roll Out in 2020

With more and more entities getting in on the same game, YouTube will shift its content library to an ad-supported, non-subscription model by the year 2020. In other words, it will make its exclusive paid content available to everyone, with ad breaks.

The move, is to “meet the growing demand of a more global fanbase,” according to a statement given to Vanity Fair. Of course, this represents an opportunity for brands to reach a potentially huge audience.

The Roku Channel recently debuted, also being an ad-supported model. Plus, YouTube is making even more content available through the same means. For instance, it just quietly uploaded a bunch of well-known movies to watch, completely free-of-charge.

When YouTube Originals become free, Premium subscribers will have early access and watch the content without ads, retaining the main reason they signed-up in the first place.

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