May 24, 2022
YouTube Plans to Build a Dedicated Podcast Homepage, Recently Leaked Document Reveals

YouTube is Scheming to Topple Spotify as the New Leader in Podcasting

YouTube is planning to launch its own dedicated podcast page, as a recently linked document reveals its desire to create additional audio and revenue streams…

YouTube is about to give one of its chief rivals, some real competition in the podcast space. Spotify is currently known as the leader in the audio content space, but that could change in the not-too-distant future. If the executives at the Google subsidiary have their way. A recently leaked 84-page document, obtained by Podnews, details how YouTube will go about building out its own dedicated podcast space.

YouTube Plans to Build a Dedicated Podcast Homepage, Recently Leaked Document Reveals

YouTube’s podcast plans don’t exactly come as a surprise. Not long ago, the company reportedly hired a podcast chief executive and has also been offering some popular hosts cash for their content. Just those two moves alone show that the video posting site is serious about its future in the podcasting business. Moreover, the late document lays out plans to centralize all podcasts on a dedicated homepage —

Of course, since Google and its subsidiary are advertising companies. First and foremost, Google is planning to sell audio ads in order to monetize the space. Pre-produced audio commercial breaks will open up an entirely new stream of big-dollar revenue for the tech giant. As for when this will happen, the entire document wasn’t published but references to 2022 are made and this points to a high prioritization for the company.

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