May 24, 2022
YouTube Premium 1080p offline video downloads

YouTube Premium Subscribers can Now Download Videos in 1080p on Android and iOS

YouTube Premium members can now download 1080p videos for offline viewing and Android and iOS, upping the previous resolution limit of 720p…

YouTube Premium offers a number of perks, including removing ads and access to original content. It also provides subscribers with downloads for offline viewing.

However, until now, it was limited to videos in 720p resolution. Now, YouTube Premium members can download 1080p content on Android and iOS.

YouTube Premium 1080p Offline Video Downloads Now available on Android and iOS

YouTube says it’s available in “most Premium” markets and the company will expand the feature “soon.” 

It’s another benefit of paying $12 per month, aside from original content and ad-free viewing. (YouTube Premium members also receive free access to YouTube Music Premium.)

The likely reason for upping the download resolution is timing. Just a few years ago, phone screens could only support lesser-quality resolution, which usually topped out at 720p. Now, with the newest iPhones and other devices going beyond 1080p, it makes sense.

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