January 13, 2022
YouTube deleted channels and videos

YouTube Reveals it Deleted a Whopping 7.8 Million Videos and 1.67 Million Channels in Q3 of this Year

YouTube deleted channels and videos counted up to 1.67 and 7.8 million, respectively, in the third quarter of this year alone…

For some time, in fact years, YouTube had a big problem. With more than 5 billion videos published and 300 hours of video uploaded per minute, it’s impossible to police all the content. At least, with just human capabilities. So, the company built automated systems which quickly find and take down prohibited content.

YouTube Removed 1.67 Million Channels and 7.8 Million Videos in Q3 2018

This week, YouTube released some eye-popping numbers about its removal prowess. The report first cites the take-down of 50.2 million video which were under channel-level suspensions.

During the months spanning from July to September, the video hosting site removed 7.8 million video for violating the platform’s guidelines. Of those, 81 percent were initially identified by machines. Another 74.5 percent were deleted before receiving even one view.

YouTube also says “over 90% of the channels and over 80% of the videos that we removed in September 2018 were removed for violating our policies on spam or adult content.”

Additionally, the video hosting site reported for the first time removing 1.67 million channels. Previously, the company didn’t break the figures down and channel take downs were not specifically disclosed.

Furthermore, YouTube deleted more than 224 comments during Q3 2018. But, this represents just a tiny fraction of the billions of comments left in-place. (Comments are up over 11 percent over last year, incidentally.)

Read the full report here.

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