July 30, 2021
YouTube Removes Record 11.4 Million Videos between April and June

YouTube Removed a Record 11.4 Million Videos in Q2 as AI Review Role Increases

YouTube removed the most videos ever in the last quarter, the vast majority of them flagged by its automated systems instead of humans…

During the previous quarter, YouTube took down a record 11.4 million videos. Of which, 10.85 million were caught by its artificial intelligence technology. AI played an even larger role in removing users’ comments. Of the 2.1 million comments deleted, 99.2 percent were detected by YouTube’s automated systems. This, due to the company’s need to rely more heavily on technology as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

YouTube Removes Record 11.4 Million Videos between April and June

The number of YouTube videos removed in the second quarter of this year more than doubled those pulled off the platform in the prior three month period or first quarter of the year. Broken down, more than a third — 33.5 percent — were removed for child safety risks. Another 28.3 percent were flagged as spam, misleading, or outright scams. Moreover, nearly 2. million channels were shut down, 92 percent of which were also classified as spam, misleading, or scams.

Normally, machine learning and artificial intelligence are not almost solely responsible for detecting and removing videos that violate the platform’s standards. Usually, humans play a significant role in the process. But, because so much of the staff works from home, technology took on a larger role. “Because responsibility is our top priority, we chose the latter—using technology to help with some of the work normally done by reviewers.”

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