May 27, 2022
YouTube Shorts Expanding to Tablets and the Web in the Coming Weeks

YouTube is Bringing YouTube Shorts to the Web and Tablets

YouTube is rolling out YouTube Shorts to the web and tablets in the next few weeks, previously only available to smartphones…

YouTube is the indisputable king of video hosting. But, the Google subsidiary isn’t always the first to innovate. For instance, rival TikTok was the first to introduce the wildly popular short-form video format, which just about every tech and social media company has since copied. So, YouTube made its own version, called YouTube Shorts, which until now, has been only available on smartphones. However, the site is now rolling Shorts out to tablets and the web.

YouTube Shorts Expanding to Tablets and the Web in the Coming Weeks

This is notable because the tablet market has been struggling for years now. This move would allow foldables and tablets alike to access YouTube Shorts, which are becoming more prominent in the media landscape. Additionally, its web presence will also make the content more ubiquitous. To ensure the format gets ample attention, YouTube says it will place a new Shorts tab on the web and tablets.

Creators also stand to benefit as YouTube reveals its plans to give influencers, brands, and more the ability to splice content from longer videos. Those segments will probably run between one and five seconds, and the original video link will be included in the edited version.

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